“List”en To Me… Top 5 Ingredients To Avoid

Here we are again, every week just gets better and better!  Last week we started a new topic – Toxic Chemicals.  Sounds so glamorous, right?  Don’t let the name fool you, click HERE to read the facts and statistics that will shock you!!

This week its going to get even better.  Go grab your face moisturizer or hand soap or deodorant or shampoo.  Seriously, go get it right now!

Now, turn it over and read your ingredients.  Scary, right?  Can you even pronounce half of the ingredients that are listed?  Well, on that note, let me take this time to help you decipher those words so you are FULLY AWARE of what you are using on a daily basis.

Top 5 Ingredients To Avoid

1.  Fragrance – Good smelly stuff, right?  I DON’T THINK SO!

  • That word alone can encompass so much, it’s considered a “trade secret” in the beauty/cosmetic industry.  By using this one word, companies can legally hide HUNDREDS of ingredients!
  • You need to watch out for synthetic fragrance as most are carcinogenic.  It’s a fact that 75% of the time that “fragrance” or “parfum” is listed PHTHALATES are being used, which is a chemical compound in the form of a plasticizer (think soft plastic, storage bags, food containers) and lubricant (mostly found in cosmetics).

2.  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) – Check that shampoo immediately!!!

  • It is derived from coconuts, how could that be bad?  It is the manufacturing process that turns it into a known CARCINOGEN – environmental factors that lead to cancer, changing your cell’s DNA.
  • SLES can be contaminated with 1,4 dioxane. You will never see 1,4 dioxane on a label, as companies are not required to list carcinogenic contaminants.

3.  Parabens (Methyl, Propyl, Butyl, Ethyl) – Usually sneak in at the end of the ingredients list, still a BIG concern!

  • These are PRESERVATIVES used in cosmetics and personal care products for decades to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Linked to breast cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, and developmental defects.
  • A California medical study of BPA and methylparaben combination turned healthy cells into cancer cells, and rendered Tamoxifen drug ineffective.  Click HERE to read full article.

4.  Aluminum – What??? In our personal care items???  Go check that deodorant and antiperspirant!!!!

  • It is a NEUROTOXIN – causing damage to nerve tissue.
  • Metals in the body are bioaccumulative, when absorbed into the skin over a long period of time can lead to major health issues.
  • Linked to Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases.

5.  Synthetic Colors & Dyes – FD&C Blue 1, Green 3, Yellow 5 & 6, Red 33 – But it is such a pretty (TOXIC) color!!!

  • We are talking PETROCHEMICAL CARCINOGENS – made from coal tar, which is a mixture of many chemicals, derived from petroleum.
  • These colors may be contaminated with low levels of heavy metals and some are combined with aluminum substrate.  As discussed above, aluminum compounds and many heavy metals are toxic to the brain.
  • In the UK products with synthetic colors and dyes are required to have a warning label, however most manufacturers clean up their products, using only natural coloring, before distributing throughout the country.

This information should be taken seriously.  You should be looking at every product in your home and checking for the ingredients listed above.  You need to be very concerned about the toxic chemical burden that we are putting our bodies through on a DAILY basis.  Think about it, even if health and wellness is not your top priority this information should still motivate you to make a step towards change!

Remember you design your days, so make each one count!


Do you read your ingredients?  If so, which ingredient made you question a certain product and did you stop using it?  I’d love to hear your stories and feedback in the comments below.


Reference: AANT – Did You Know? Brochure

“List”en To Me…Top 5 Essential Oils – Singles

Another great week is upon us and our focus is going to be essential oils.  In my previous post HERE and on my Young Living page HERE, I talked about how they are our first line of defense before conventional medicine and how we have used them in our family.  I have made over my family’s medicine cabinet because I.LOVE.THEM!  We are officially an oily family and it’s my mission to equip the rest of my family, friends and readers of this great blog with the knowledge and information to make that change as well!

Let’s Get Back To Basics

– Essential oils are concentrated oils taken from plants, flowers, trees, leaves, bark, nuts, seeds, etc that are put through a distillation process and bottled.  These oils are a very thin liquid and do not feel oily at all. Essential oils can be paired with a carrier oil such as olive, coconut, grapeseed, jojoba, etc.

– Four grades of essential oils are produced today:

  • Therapeutic – 100% pure, medicinal, steam distillation
  • Food Grade – may contain synthetics, pesticides, carrier oils
  • Perfume – may contain synthetics, solvents
  • Synthetic – laboratory created

– These oils are powerful and effective with a variety of uses:

  • Aromatically – inhaled through a diffuser or from bottle
  • Topically – applied on the skin, soles of feet, hands, ears, spine, etc – click HERE for Vita-Flex Chart
  • Dietary – ingestible

My Top 5 Essential Oils

1. Frankincense – Dates back to biblical times, remember the birth of Christ when the wise men brought this lovely oil?  Considered the “holy anointing oil” and “liquid gold”, it is known for it’s healing power.  It is an immune booster, decreases inflammation, depression, as a treatment for cancer, respiratory infections plus more!  Our family uses it for glowing skin by adding a few drops in face moisturizer and also applied neat to remove brown aging/sun spots and scars.  We also us it in body cream, for back pain and on temples to relieve stress.  Click HERE for more info.

2. Lavender –  Just imagine those beautiful fields of purple flowers, the sweet aroma from those flowers, so relaxing, right?  Well surprisingly, this is one of the most versatile essential oils!  Discovered by a french scientist due to its ability to promote tissue growth and heal wounds quickly.  It has been known to treat skin conditions, high blood pressure, PMS, insomnia, hair loss and respiratory infections plus more!  Our family uses it to promote sleep/relaxation, allergies, skin care, PMS, wounds/cuts, colds/coughs, body cream and in grown nails.  Click HERE for more info.

3. Lemon – An oil from a lemon?  That’s right, it’s taken from the rind. There are 45 lemons used to fill just one 15ml bottle of oil.  Now this oil does pack quite a punch with several uses.  It is an immune booster, improves memory, improves circulation, assists in weight loss, varicose veins, anxiety, digestive issues plus more!  Our family uses it in our morning water which is ingested and boosts energy.  Also for allergies, dry skin, heartburn, cooking and cleaning supplies. Click HERE for more info.

4. Peppermint – Makes me think of candy canes, what about you?  Another very familiar scent that will surprise you with all it can do.  It is known to decrease inflammation, anti-bacterial, pain reliever, digestive stimulant, suppresses appetite/assists in weight loss, respiratory infections plus more!  Our family uses it for allergies, pain cream, headaches, upset stomach, nausea and colds/coughs and cooking.  Click HERE for more info.

5. Helichrysum (Italicum) – That is exactly what you ask?  We are talking about a flowering plant from the daisy family, found in several countries along the Mediterranean coast.  This oil known as an anticoagulant to treat blood clots, improve circulation, treat skin conditions such as eczema, hypertension, and liver issues plus more!  This oil is used solely by me in the family to treat a blood condition.  I use it to promote circulation which in turn helps me avoid blood clots.  I am very thankful that I can use this oil versus taking conventional medications with side effects.  Click HERE for more info.

After researching essential oils for over a year, Young Living stood out as the right choice for my family.  I chose them because I truly believe in their quality, 100% pure using the Seed to Seal process.  I believe you get what you pay for in life and knowing that I use these for health related purposes, as you can see from above, I only wanted to use the best.  Additionally, since being part of the Young Living family it goes much deeper than that.  I have met some amazing and inspiring women, helped family and friends treat problems and conditions and I’ve heard testimonies on everything from weight loss, ADHD/ADD, autism, parkinsons, cancer and PTSD.  Remarkable stories.  In future posts we’ll talk more about specific conditions, disorders and diseases.

If these oils listed above are something you want to try, I highly recommend becoming a Young Living Distributor.  Not only do you get 24% off the price listed on the website, you also can earn points towards more oils and get discounted shipping.  On top of that four out of five of these come in the Premium Kit which is where you get the most bang for your buck as there are ten oils offered in this kit!  Click HERE to start the process!

Remember you design your days, so make each one count!


Do you have a favorite essential oil?  If so, what do you use it for?  I’d love to hear your stories and feedback in the comments below.


Reference: Essential Oils Pocket Reference, Fifth Edition – May 2011 – Life Science Publishing

Disclaimer: The information shared with you is based on life experience, facts and research.  As I am not a doctor, nor play one on TV, I advise you to consult with your physician when it comes to information listed above as it is not intended to diagnose, prevent or cure any sickness or disease.  Additionally, I will not be held liable for any loss or damages.  Thank you!